Pain is often a regular, unwelcoming, reality for many women, let alone any human being. The most common causes of pain in women range from menstrual and childbirth pain, to headache and autoimmune pain. Wherever the pain stems from, there is always one commonality: it’s painful.

At Precision Pain Care, we understand that men and women read and feel pain differently. Studies show that men are less likely to report pain to their doctors than women, however, that doesn’t mean any pain is less real. The specialists at Precision Pain Care consider all options for treatment after ensuring a precise and real diagnosis is reached.

According to The Clinical Journal of Pain, about 40 percent of American women suffer with spinal issues. Muscle or ligament strain is one of the most common causes for back pain in women, triggered by strenuous lifting. Mothers often hold the task of constantly picking up and putting down their young children. Physical therapy, rest, and proper lifting techniques should be applied to avoid damaging the muscles or ligaments in the back. When lifting, be sure to use your leg muscles, as to not put excessive strain on the spine.

Other common causes of back pain that many women face is arthritis and osteoporosis. Women over 50 are especially vulnerable to this injury, as the joints and bones in the spine weaken and lose density as we age. Aqua therapy is one of the best ways to work out stiff joints and promote bone health. Talk to your doctor about lifestyle and diet changes that can be implemented into your treatment plan that can help support the health of your spine. Spinal injections may also be effective in reducing back pain.

Historically, women tend to be more sensitive to experimental pain stimuli than men. Having lower pain thresholds and lower pain tolerances, women are often inclined to get treatment immediately. The team at Precision Pain Care considers gender differences to ensure a unique, effective, and appropriate treatment strategy for each individual patient.

Research tells us that women are more likely to encounter pain conditions within their lifetime. Chronic migraines affect two percent of the population, most often affecting women. This debilitating problem, commonly referred to as a transformative migraine, can strike a person 15 or more times a day each month. Women are three times more likely to experience these aching migraine attacks.

Another infamous pain condition many women face is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia will likely affect various areas of your body and life. At Precision Pain Care, we take a “whole-patient” approach to treatment that encompasses body, mind, and environmental considerations. We stress the importance of patient education, not only for fibromyalgia, but all pain conditions. Patients may benefit from medication therapy, visualization and relaxation techniques, maintaining a healthy diet, and therapies such as physical therapy and massage. A collaboration of treatments can reduce pain while simultaneously improve mobility.

At Precision Pain Care, we provide tools for patients to manage their pain without surgical intervention. According to the Institute of Medicine, there are 100 million Americans in pain, the majority of whom are women. If you are a part of the pain population, let Precision Pain Care help. Contact one of our specialists today to start your journey to a pain free life.