September is Pain Awareness Month. Nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and go through what seems to be endless treatment courses.

Pain strikes in various ways, which makes it difficult to directly treat patients. What works for one person will not necessarily have the same effect on the next. Precision Pain Care recognizes every patient’s condition and treats him or her appropriately with the best and most effective options.

During the month of September, physicians, medical clinics, organizations, local businesses, patients, and families get together to raise public awareness of matters concerning pain and pain management. Even a small conversation with your friends and family gets the word out. Chronic pain is sometimes associated with negative thoughts and beliefs. Talk with your healthcare provider and follow these steps to make your journey easier.

  1. Take control: The course of pain is unpredictable. Patients may often feel discouraged after months or even years of failed treatments. Keep your head high and your feelings even higher. A good attitude makes a difference with pain levels.
  2. Have a good relationship with your doctor: Make sure you trust your doctor and that you feel comfortable talking with him/her about everything.
  3. Never ignore pain: People will continue to preach the belief that it is only pain and there is nothing physically wrong. Don’t let those people affect the way you treat your condition. Report every symptom or change to your doctor immediately.
  4. Sleep: Inadequate sleep can lead to fatigue, depression, and irritability. A restful, routine sleep pattern is essential to coping with chronic pain.
  5. Have a support team: Chronic pain can make you feel lonely and isolated. Surround yourself with friends and family who make you feel good and support your decisions.

Precision Pain Care believes in raising awareness about pain and pain management. The entire medical staff is committed to making the road to recovery a smooth one for all our patients.