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Neck Pain

Neck Pain – Information for Patients in the Nashville, TN, Area

Ever heard someone say, “That person is a pain in my neck!”? There’s a reason for this – neck pain isn’t pleasant. In fact, neck pain can be one of the most uncomfortable and debilitating forms of pain. And, unfortunately, many Americans are prone to developing discomfort and stiffness in the neck muscles as a result of hours of staring at a computer, sleeping in unhealthy positions, or arthritis-related wear and tear.

What to Do When You Have Neck Pain

Not every case of neck pain is a cause for concern. Mild discomfort can often be remedied at home with rest, over-the-counter pain relievers, and alternating heat/ice therapy. However, be sure to seek medical attention if your pain:

  • Is severe in nature
  • Continues for several days despite at-home care
  • Is accompanied by muscle weakness, numbness, or headaches
  • Travels down the arms or legs

Visit the emergency room or call 911 if your neck pain occurs after a car accident, fall, or another type of trauma.

Neck Pain Treatment at Precision Pain Care  

Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst and the rest of the team at The Spine Center at Precision Pain Care offer the latest breakthroughs in interventional pain therapies to achieve outstanding results for our patients who have chronic neck pain. Specializing in alternatives to potentially addictive narcotics or jumping to major surgery, Dr. Hilgenhurst takes the time to listen to each patient’s concerns, identify the exact cause of the pain, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Our advanced neck pain treatments include minimally invasive procedures, injections, radiofrequency neurotomy, and other therapies.

Contact Precision Pain Care today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hilgenhurst, who will be able to detail our various treatment options for neck pain. Our locations in Nashville and Smyrna, TN, accept most major forms of health insurance.

Our educational library includes material on common neck pain conditions and non-operative treatments.