Stem Cell Treatment

Advanced Stem Cell Treatment with Lipogems® in Nashville, TN

Stem Cell Treatment Nashville TNThe latest advances in adult stem cell treatment are available to residents of Nashville, Tennessee, at Precision Pain Care. A nationally renowned leader in pain medicine and the founder of our practice, Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst leverages his incredible expertise and breakthrough treatments to achieve outstanding results for his patients, many of whom have been unsuccessfully treated by other, less specialized physicians.

In short, stem cell treatment involves using the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural healing process around an injured joint. Traditional methods involve harvesting stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow, but thanks to the breakthrough Lipogems® procedure, physicians can now derive regenerative stem cells from fatty stomach tissue. We at Precision Pain Care in Nashville, TN, are proud to offer this innovative new treatment to patients who suffer from chronic joint pain resulting from arthritis or injury.

During this procedure, Dr. Hilgenhurst takes a small amount of fatty tissue from the stomach and separates the stem cells from the fat cells using the Lipogems® system. After preparing the cells, he injects them into the injured joint to promote increased blood flow and tissue production. The procedure is minimally invasive can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Contact Precision Pain Care to learn more about our approach to stem cell treatment and how we can help you get back to better. We are in network with most major insurance providers and have three conveniently located offices in the Nashville, TN, area.