Spinal Stenosis

Conservative Treatment for Spinal Stenosis Pain in Smyrna, TN

Spinal Stenosis Smyrna TNIf pain and dysfunction from spinal stenosis is preventing you from enjoying the activities you love, hope can be found at The Spine Center at Precision Pain Care in Smyrna, Tennessee. Our practice was founded and is led by Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst, a board-certified pain medicine specialist and anesthesiologist with a unique level of experience treating chronic back pain sufferers. Rather than simply prescribing heavy doses of narcotics, Dr. Hilgenhurst uses advanced interventional pain relief techniques and regenerative medicines to help patients manage and overcome uncomfortable symptoms.

If you have spinal stenosis, you are not alone. Thousands of individuals experience this condition, which is characterized by the narrowing of the spinal canal that houses the spinal cord. While some people with stenosis don’t notice any symptoms, others suffer from debilitating neck or back pain as a result of nerve compression and other related factors.

As a patient at Precision Pain Care in Smyrna, TN, you can be assured that Dr. Hilgenhurst will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition, review your symptoms, and suggest possible solutions to your pain. He understands that spinal stenosis treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Our personalized approach to care translates into better results for our patients, helping them to return to normal life as quickly and safely as possible.

Contact Precision Pain Care in Smyrna, TN, today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hilgenhurst and learn about our advanced treatment options for spinal stenosis pain.