Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc Pain Treated in Nashville, TN

Slipped Disc Nashville TNIf you have been diagnosed with a slipped disc and are struggling to manage your pain, you may be relieved to learn that you have options besides potentially addictive narcotics and extensive surgery. The Spine Center at Precision Pain Care in Nashville, Tennessee, specializes in minimally invasive treatment for uncomfortable spinal injuries and disorders, including slipped disc injuries.

A “slipped disc” isn’t what it sounds like … there is no disc floating freely in the spinal column. Instead, this condition occurs when a spinal disc has been forced out if its normal boundary slightly in one direction, causing vertebrae to shift out of alignment and potentially triggering neuropathic pain from nerve compression. In some cases, the affected disc can rupture, further worsening discomfort.

Precision Pain Care in Nashville, TN, is led by Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst, a nationally respected, board-certified pain medicine specialist and anesthesiologist who utilizes interventional pain management techniques and regenerative therapies to help his patients get back to the things they love about living. As our patient, you can be assured that you will receive attentive, personalized care from Dr. Hilgenhurst, who stays abreast of the latest developments in treatment and is relied on to train other pain management physicians.

Contact Precision Pain Care today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hilgenhurst, during which you can learn more about our innovative approach to chronic pain and slipped disc treatment. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our practice and the types of insurance we accept.