Treatment for Sciatica in the Nashville, TN, Area

Sciatica Nashville TNIf you’re among the millions of Americans who suffer from sciatica, pain relief can be found at The Spine Center at Precision Pain Care. We help residents of Nashville, Tennessee, overcome their chronic pain without depending on extensive surgeries or potentially addictive narcotics. Our patients benefit from the latest advances in interventional pain medicine, which interrupts pain signals from reaching the brain through minimally invasive techniques.

Sciatica is not a medical condition, per say. Instead, it describes a group of symptoms that can occur when the sciatic nerve – the body’s longest and largest nerve – is irritated by a bone spur, herniated disc, or another displaced spinal component. The symptoms that characterize sciatica include:

  • Shooting or radiating pain that travels down the back, buttocks, and one or both legs
  • Dull or sharp pain at the site of the sciatic nerve compression
  • Pain in the lower body that grows worse when sitting
  • Tingling sensations, numbness, or muscle weakness in the lower body

As a Precision Pain Care patient in the Nashville, TN, area, you will be cared for by Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst – a board-certified pain medicine specialist and anesthesiologist who serves as president of the Tennessee Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Dr. Hilgenhurst will carefully evaluate your condition, review your specific symptoms, and formulate a sciatica treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Depending on the condition responsible for the sciatica, a variety of advanced therapies may be appropriate, including nerve block procedures, steroid injections, radiofrequency neurotomy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and others.

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