Treatment for Fibromyalgia Pain Provided in Smyrna, TN

Fibromyalgia Smyrna TNThe latest advances in fibromyalgia pain relief are available at Precision Pain Care in Smyrna, Tennessee. Founded in 2006, our practice specializes in interventional pain management techniques that disrupt pain signals to the brain. Our patients benefit from our conservative approach to pain relief that focuses on limiting the use of potent narcotics, thereby reducing the likelihood of narcotic dependency.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that can cause severe muscle aches and spasms throughout the body, which may make it difficult to sleep at night and focus throughout the day. Researchers believe this widespread pain occurs as a result of changes in the way the brain processes pain signals.  At Precision Pain Care in Smyrna, TN, we understand how debilitating fibromyalgia can be. That’s why Dr. Graf Hilgenhurst, the founder of our practice and a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist, carefully evaluates each patient’s condition and formulates a treatment plan to address the specific sources of their pain. Dr. Hilgenhurst and our team of devoted medical professionals employ a variety of advanced treatments to reduce fibromyalgia pain, including regenerative medicines, minimally invasive nerve block procedures, and more.

If you’re ready to find powerful relief for your fibromyalgia pain, contact Precision Pain Care today. Our friendly representatives will be happy to schedule you a consultation, during which you can discover more about Dr. Hilgenhurst, our innovative therapies, and why we are the premier pain management practice in the Smyrna, TN, area.